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CALISTOGA, CALIF. (April 3, 2003) -- Wine Market Report, North America's most respected wine industry trade publication, has made its archives of authoritative articles, reports and industry data available online through the pay-for-play services of Pocketpass.

"There's a lot of demand by researchers, analysts and industry executives for both current and historical data," said WMR Editor and Publisher Rich Cartiere whose operations are based at the northern end of Napa Valley. "While subscriptions are a partial solution for online content purchases, they do not offer the flexibility needed for the sale of individual archive articles, special reports and other supplemental data. In addition, full-blown subscriptions carry a price tag and level of commitment that are frequently too much for some, who are interested enough in the wine industry to pay for specific information on a one-time basis, but not to subscribe."

A one-year subscription to Cartiere's WMR costs $325. Using the Pocketpass pay-for-play system, existing WMR subscribers will pay $3 per back issue/special original document (Go to Web site: while non-subscribers will pay $15 (Go to Web site:

"Pay-for-play was not used very much for the sale and delivery of digital content before Pocketpass came along, because other systems are expensive, technically over-complicated and require a commitment of engineering and management time which are not attractive to most businesses," Cartiere said. "Pocketpass has made it simple and quick for me to deploy pay-for-play."

A unique capability of the WMR's Pocketpass pay-for-play system allows users to conduct a free, full-text search of all the WMR documents, which are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats. The search results are presented in the same sort of summarized listings as found on search engines like Google. Clicking on the link then sends the user into a simple payment process which, when completed, delivers the purchased document.

Pocketpass specializes in cash- and web-based micro-payment systems and pre-paid stored-value cards and has developed a number of proprietary and patent-pending Internet technologies that enable anonymous online shopping without a credit card; person-to-person payments such as those required for auctions; profitable, inexpensive and easy to use micro-payments for physical and digital property; and seller-selected online cash payment rules.

Pocketpass ( announced on March 28, 2003, that it has entered into a share exchange agreement in which Secure Sign (OTC: SCSN) a Colorado corporation, will acquire, Inc. (Pocketpass), a California corporation, in a reverse acquisition. Assuming consummation of the acquisition, former stockholders of Pocketpass will own approximately 83 percent of the outstanding shares of Secure Sign.

Back issues and original research documents may also be accessed by going directly to Wine Market Report's Web page at:

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