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DR. INDER SINGH - Chairman of the Board
Chairman, Co-founder, CRO (Chief Reality Officer) and angel investor Dr. Singh is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LynuxWorks, Inc. He founded Excelan, an early leader in local area networks in 1982 and served as its chairman, CEO and president until 1985. Excelan later merged with Novell. Dr. Singh was a cofounder of Kalpana, which pioneered Ethernet switching technology, and was one of Cisco's early acquisitions. Dr. Singh is a director of PacketStream and Pocketpass, and has served on the boards of Mylex, Kalpana, Omnitel, Integrated Media Systems, Univation, Vivix, and Eon Systems. In addition to his experience with high technology start up companies, Dr. Singh has prior management and technical experience with Zilog, where he headed the Networking and Advanced Systems Development Group. At Zilog, he was the architect of the S8000 UNIX based product line. Dr. Singh has also held positions at Amdahl, where he was a Senior Computer Architect, Gartner Research, the Yale Computer Center, and Ontel. He holds Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees in computer science from Yale University, and an MSEE from Polytechnic Institute of New York.

Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza has been President and CEO of Sterling Management Group, Inc. ("SMG") since 1998, of Sterling Advisory Services, Inc. since its inception, and President and CEO of MarJac Investments, Inc. ("MarJac") since 1995. From 1987-1995, he served as Executive Vice President of MarJac. MarJac makes proprietary investments in U.S. and foreign securities and provides international business management services. MarJac and its affiliates operate in the United States, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey and Zimbabwe. He also served as Vice President (1984-1994) and President (1995-to date) of The Saar Foundation Inc., a Virginia not-for-profit corporation. Since 1984, Dr. Mirza has been actively negotiating mergers, acquisitions and sales of various sized companies located in different parts of the world. After many of the acquisitions, Dr. Mirza is involved as director and officer in the development of the company by evaluating top management to maximize efficiency and profitability and then restructuring, streamlining or expanding the company. In addition, Dr. Mirza has more than 15 years of experience in stock investments and portfolio management for his employers involving assets ranging from $1-$10 million. Since 1987, Dr. Mirza has served as a Trustee and Treasurer of Amana Mutual Fund Trust, which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an open-end investment company and managed by Saturna. In addition, Dr. Mirza currently serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of Jugos Concentrados, S.A. ("Jucosa"), a Chilean manufacturer of juice concentrates, traded on the Santiago Stock Exchange. He also serves on the Board of numerous other companies. He served on the Board of Mylex Corporation, a NASDAQ listed, world leader of RAID technology and network management products from December 1988 until September 1999 when Mylex was acquired by IBM for $240 million. He holds a M.Sc. from University of Karachi (1969), a Ph.D. in Physics (1974) and M.A. in Teaching Science (1975) from University of Texas at Dallas.

Douglas Denoff brings to Pocketpass extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to co-founding Pocketpass, Doug founded Dencom Systems, Inc. in 1981, a provider of Digital Telephone Systems, and in 1992, a nationwide long distance carrier. Dencom was rated by INC. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America for two consecutive years. By offering 1-hour emergency service and a single point of contact, both Dencom and Fibernet's customer satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the telecommunications business. In addition to strategic and technical telecommunications and software expertise, Denoff brings extensive experience in maintaining profit, growth and consumer loyalty in an industry flooded with whims, fads and regulations.Prior to his career in telecommunications, Doug was a producer of film and television programs. He produced a two-hour motion picture for ABC television in 1980 and served as the associate producer of the classic television program, Hawaii Five-O, from 1977-1979. Oddly, though, his only Emmy award was for flying the news helicopter that videotaped the beating of truck driver Reginald Denny at the start of the 1994 Los Angeles Riots.Denoff was born in New York City. He is a commercial-rated helicopter and airplane pilot. Denoff and FIBERNET are members of the Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA), Caltel, ACTA and Comptel. Doug is co-founder and CEO of Spaports, which will be opening spas in Airports and Shopping Centers Worldwide starting in 2004.

Jim is a former CEO of Pocketpass and has served as an attorney with O'Connor & Hannan, Denver, CO. specializing in securities and complex business structure and litigation, employment, public utilities, contracts, banking, insurance and real estate matters. In addition, he has held top management positions at a wide variety of technical and Internet companies, including: IntraCom Corporation (Internet healthcare), Sciton, Inc. (medical laser devices), Coherent, Inc. (laser devices). Ultrans, Inc. and AirFuels Corporation (transportation). He also served as General Counsel and Member, Board of Directors for Lodestar (fusion research) and He holds J.D. and B.A degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.

Chuck is a "hands-on" executive with diverse experience, both domestic and international, at corporate and division levels during periods of rapid growth and major restructuring. Formerly he was Chief Financial Officer of a very successful start-up -, the world's premier online wine auction house, CFO of OCS Technologies, a major supplier of public safety software, and CFO and and operations manager of Loomis Armored, Inc., the largest armored car company in North America. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of many financial and accounting organizations, including Financial Executives International. Prior to his business career, Mr. Nuzum was a Special Agent in the Counterintelligence Corps and served with the U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam. He is a veteran pilot, skydiver, scuba diver and mountain climber and has traveled extensively throughout the world. Mr. Nuzum earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Washington, Seattle.


Lewis Perdue has founded and run three successful companies of his own and helped launch four others including Kalpana which was acquired by Cisco Systems. Lew designed and managed his first e-commerce site and began selling products and premium content on the Web in 1994. He has served as a consultant and/or chief technology officer to more than a dozen e-commerce operations and as a VP Marketing for, or senior marketing consultant to numerous technology companies including Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Lynx Real-Time Systems (now called LynuxWorks), Univation, Racore and others. Perdue has served as managing director of Manning, Selvage & Lee, (at the time the world's fifth largest marketing and public relations firm), taught journalism at UCLA, served as a Washington D.C. correspondent for Dow Jones (covering the White House, Capitol Hill, and Supreme Court), and worked as news secretary to U.S. Senator Thad Cochran. He is the author of 20 published books, six non-fiction (including three on technology) and 14 novels. He received his B.S. (with distinction) from Cornell University where he studied communications and biophysics. His personal web site is Ideaworx

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